Tuesday, October 23, 2012

No to a 7th-of-November-like day!

Since the 14th my attitude towards the Troika was wait and see. Nevertheless, I did express some ideas as to our political situation while trying to keep a high dose of optimism; which is still the case if not more. 

However, especially today and as a Free Tunisian, I clearly state my opposition as to making of the 23rd-of-October a national celebration, which God forbids, might become a 7th-of-Nov ember-like national holiday! 

This is not only the same and identical RCD pseudo-politics, but attests also to the political failure of the Troika to deal with the transition, and thus conceive of new and workable solutions.

In addition, this day is the will and deeds of Free Tunisians, and the Troika did nothing as to its planetary success, a success achieved by our martyrs blood -God Bless their souls- and Free Tunisians will.

We shall prevail, and sooner than the Troika planned/is planning! Power to the People.