Sunday, January 23, 2011

Trust First! ... the rest will follow.

The unanimous call of the free Tunisians is blatant: NO to old faces!

Despite this crystal clear political position, the politicians "in charge" insist on ignoring it! Moreover and surprisingly, old hidden fists seem to be at work, blocking the circulation of credible information and pulling several strings!

In addition, the members of the transition government keep on insisting on the importance of the protection of the economic system, or repeating promises to secure earlier ones while belittling the great sacrifices of our martyrs and the historic revolution they sparked.

To say the least, this awkward and old-fashioned management of the transition will only aggravate the situation and transform the ongoing chaos into an uncontrollable sociopolitical crisis.

Consequently, and since the members of this transition government are supposed to be political experts and/or nationally renowned academicians, this awkwardness betrays an unspoken agenda!

Finally, the priority is to choose an adequate and trustworthy interim team and gain the soonest people's trust in order to engage in the necessary corrective actions with the full support of the different stakeholders of the Tunisian society.

Last but not least, and as a necessary ingredient to this historic trust building process, it is fundamental to insure that NO Witch-Hunting would result from the withdrawal of the old faces. The free Tunisia’s fair legal system will be entrusted with the mission of legally punishing the culprits within trustworthy law and justice institutions.

Finally, as the entire World is witnessing the unfolding of our unique and historic REVOLUTION, it will also observe and attest to the forgiveness of the peace loving and moderate free-people of Tunisia!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Collectively Securing our Future.

Tunisia is emerging anew as a democratic responsible civilized nation, reborn out of the blood of our God blessed Martyrs.

Nevertheless, our uprising is not over till we positively and actively monitor the on going process of the formation of the new transition government by giving our feedback and suggestions about this undertaking.

Keeping Tunisian people in-the-loop will certainly secure a better transition towards the free and democratic Tunisia for which our martyrs, God bless their souls, gave their lives. Moreover, and most importantly, this collective and participative process will maximize the swift success of our transition and thus irreversibly anchor our country to the democratic world.

However, due to the complexity of the situation; time constraints and limitations of our present legislation and institutional make up, we should all engage in, and monitor, the on going critical process to a workable state of affairs.
Therefore, we should all expect under these circumstances the final choice to be neither perfect nor acceptable to each and every free Tunisian! It is necessary, nonetheless, that this to-be-born transition government work as a team capable of taking us where free Tunisia decided and willed to be.
To achieve this desired outcome, the free people of Tunisia should be in the loop to monitor and align the composition of the transition government with its aspirations, desires and will; for today Power is nothing but by-and-for the people of free Tunisia.