Monday, December 17, 2012

The No Good, Very Bad Outlook for the Working-Class American Man -

The No Good, Very Bad Outlook for the Working-Class American Man -

"Since then, men have been steadily withdrawing from the workforce—but, again, not uniformly. Ninety percent of college-educated men are still working. But a fifth of men with only a high school degree weren’t working in 2008, before the recession struck; today, a fourth of them don’t hold a job. Among men who didn’t finish high school, a third aren’t working. As a result of these trends, America today is pockmarked with neighborhoods where nonwork is the male norm."

Friday, December 7, 2012

To Mr. the Minister of Interior.

Day after day, evidence after evidence, and incident after incident are accumulating and you are doing nothing but accusing occult forces behind all these extremely dangerous events and machinations.

Early on, during your mandate, we saw in you a capable state man. Unfortunately, for you and for Tunisia in particular, we were wrong, and you brilliantly proved to all to be unfit for this mission. Not only that, you continue to insist on your metaphysical hidden hands arguments, mysterious hands working against the will of the state and the people.

Let me remind you that you are the only one with the power and instruments capable of unmasking these occult hands and pursuing them legally, and saving our Free Tunisia from blood shed!

I would love to convince myself and offer you another chance, for that is our nature, but the stakes are high, and the future of a our Nation is dangerously unclear, thus you are summoned to step down! The Free People of Tunisia.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

No to a 7th-of-November-like day!

Since the 14th my attitude towards the Troika was wait and see. Nevertheless, I did express some ideas as to our political situation while trying to keep a high dose of optimism; which is still the case if not more. 

However, especially today and as a Free Tunisian, I clearly state my opposition as to making of the 23rd-of-October a national celebration, which God forbids, might become a 7th-of-Nov ember-like national holiday! 

This is not only the same and identical RCD pseudo-politics, but attests also to the political failure of the Troika to deal with the transition, and thus conceive of new and workable solutions.

In addition, this day is the will and deeds of Free Tunisians, and the Troika did nothing as to its planetary success, a success achieved by our martyrs blood -God Bless their souls- and Free Tunisians will.

We shall prevail, and sooner than the Troika planned/is planning! Power to the People.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

THE DAILY STAR :: Opinion :: Commentary :: From Tunisia to Wall Street: the globalization of protest

THE DAILY STAR :: Opinion :: Commentary :: From Tunisia to Wall Street: the globalization of protest: They are right that something is wrong about our “system.” Around the world, we have underutilized resources – people who want to work, machines that lie idle, buildings that are empty – and huge unmet needs: fighting poverty, promoting development, and retrofitting the economy for global warming, to name just a few. In America, after more than 7 million home foreclosures in recent years, we have empty homes and homeless people.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The constitution to-be

Those elected were democratically assigned by the Free People of Tunisia to conceive and elaborate a constitution aligned and in coherence with the universal claims of the Tunisian revolution that our martyrs (God bless their souls) empowered with their lives and blood. Thus, they weren't given a blank check to decide for the free people of Tunisia! This constitution to be will engage the Tunisian society as well as the region for the coming decades if not centuries. Therefore, our new constitution should be forward looking, taking into consideration the aspiration of our people especially the Tunisian youth, as well as the mega trends of our exponentially mutating world. In addition, it should decouple itself from any discourse that kept our region in the lower segment of the world nations while building on our political diversity and historical assets. We are the grand children of the mighty General Hannibal, the unique and ingenious thinker Ibn Khaldun and the patriotic and inspiring poet Abul Kassim Echabi. Such lineage will NEVER accept anything below its expectations and aspirations! Power to the Free People of Tunisia.